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Speed Test - Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs Note 5 vs Note 4 vs Note 3 vs Note 2
23-Aug-2016 02:37 pm  (3,303 Views)

After release of the new Galaxy Note 7, you might doubt the speed of this new phone due to new features integrated. Is it faster than the elder Galaxy Notes?

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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 12
23-Aug-2016 09:12 am  (1,940 Views)

Tech Tablets reviews the latest in Chinese tablets, mobile phones, and other related gadgets. We aim to deliver honest reviews,

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Apple has just released 7th beta of iOS 10 for developers and public testers
23-Aug-2016 08:47 am  (998 Views)

If you waiting for new released of iOS beta update, then the time has come as Apple has just released the iOS 10 Beta 7.

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Windows 10 Anniversary Update: New Features
18-Aug-2016 08:40 am  (943 Views)

Safer and more secure: Windows delivers more built-in security features and safer authentication. Always-enabled updates

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Galaxy Note7 durability testing! Wait... with hammer!
17-Aug-2016 02:44 pm  (1,436 Views)

As you might have seen before, there are many phone testing with different tool and method.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will get Android 7 (nougat) soon
15-Aug-2016 11:36 am  (1,348 Views)

The Note 7 comes with Android Marshmallow out of the box with new features and hardware upgrades

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More video about Samsung Galaxy Note 7
03-Aug-2016 03:00 pm  (2,088 Views)

If you are waiting to see more video about Galaxy Note 7, here below are the ones you are waiting for:

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Hemthon Vitiny: I want to focus on sport!
03-Aug-2016 02:30 pm  (1,271 Views)

Hemthon Vitiny, 23-year-old Cambodian athlete in swimming claimed that if she fails

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New original song from ADDA Angel
03-Aug-2016 11:40 am  (1,878 Views)

We spent months working on this single, I hope that you would like it. Stand with me to support original music

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Announced Last Night in New York
03-Aug-2016 09:49 am  (1,557 Views)

Since 10am last night (Indochina time), Samsung has just announced the new flagship phablet, the next Galaxy Note - Galaxy Note 7.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Photo Leaked
02-Aug-2016 09:54 am  (1,177 Views)

Only around 12 hours to reach the launching event of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (10pm today - Indochina Time).

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Galaxy A5 (1st-generation) received Marshmallow update
01-Aug-2016 11:13 am  (1,332 Views)

Despite waiting time is a bit long, but Samsung did release the Marshmallow update for its Galaxy A5

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How to Get Free Millions of eBook from Microsoft
30-Jul-2016 09:43 am  (1,024 Views)

Microsoft, the giant software company, is now giving more free ebooks including Windows 10,

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An incredible 13sqm house by Vina Lustado
29-Jul-2016 11:19 am  (689 Views)

Living in dream house is everybody's hope. Many people strive to work very hard to save money for their BIG house.

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From being a BEGGAR to a DEGREE HOLDER at the LPU Manila
29-Jul-2016 10:01 am  (771 Views)

A story of a woman who grew up as a homeless is now circulating online and has been touching the netizens.

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How to make "Water Ram" off-grid water pump without using electricity
29-Jul-2016 09:29 am  (2,190 Views)

​Using electronic water pump can cost you a lot of money if the electricity cost is high in some country including Cambodia.

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How to Make a Vacuum Cleaner using bottle
29-Jul-2016 09:10 am  (3,297 Views)

You might need a small vacuum cleaner for your car cleaning.

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