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20-Apr-2020 11:36 am  (78 Views)

LG Velvet has been made official by LG. It shows a...

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macOS 10.15.5 Beta 2 is Out! - What's New?
20-Apr-2020 11:24 am  (81 Views)

macOS Catalina 10.15.5 Beta 2 is now out to all macOS ...

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HONOR MagicBook 1 Month Review | Best Value For Money Laptop 2020?
20-Apr-2020 11:16 am  (92 Views)

HONOR MagicBook 1 Month Review | Best Value...

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Harman Kardon's new true wireless earbuds sound great for $150
20-Apr-2020 11:13 am  (89 Views)

It's been a while since Harman Kardon put...

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iPhone SE 2020 - The Way it Should Be
20-Apr-2020 11:10 am  (50 Views)

Before my review of the iPhone SE 2020, here...

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OnePlus 8 Pro Teardown! - Big where it counts!
18-Apr-2020 08:24 pm  (57 Views)

The flagship killer has become the flagship, and He...

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Nubia Red Magic 5G - Unboxing, Setup, and Review - (4K 60P)
17-Apr-2020 11:42 am  (89 Views)

The Nubia Red Magic 5G is an all new gaming phone coming...

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Google Camera Go hands-on: Gcam camera for everyone?
17-Apr-2020 11:27 am  (49 Views)

They do not distribute APK files, so unfortunately...

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Huawei P40 full review
17-Apr-2020 11:25 am  (51 Views)

The Huawei P40 is the most compact model in the P40 flagship..

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The Best Keyboard on a Gaming Laptop
17-Apr-2020 11:19 am  (79 Views)

My review of the Gigabyte Aorus 15G. With the RTX 2070...

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16-Apr-2020 02:38 pm  (62 Views)

Garlic is a must-have in nearly every kitchen.

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NEW: Microsoft Editor released
16-Apr-2020 11:23 am  (52 Views)

Microsoft have released a new Grammarly competitor called...

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NEW 2020 iPhone SE!
16-Apr-2020 11:20 am  (272 Views)

The new $399 2020 iPhone SE is here! Here's a quick review...

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OnePlus 8 Pro vs 7T & 7 Pro | Three Generations Compared
16-Apr-2020 11:03 am  (122 Views)

Comparing the new OnePlus 8 Pro versus the older 7T Pro and the...

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OnePlus 8 Pro vs Samsung S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max CAMERA Comparison!
16-Apr-2020 11:01 am  (167 Views)

Which has the best camera - OnePlus 8 Pro...

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OnePlus 8 Pro Review: Finally a Flagship!
16-Apr-2020 10:59 am  (145 Views)

OnePlus finally made a flagship phone flagship...

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The new iPhone SE — Apple
15-Apr-2020 10:27 pm  (185 Views)

Cupertino, California — Apple today announced the...

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