Samsung Displays Booth Tour at SID Display Week 2018

16-Jul-2019 11:21 am (97 Views)

Samsung Displays joined 200 other next-gen technology exhibitors at Display Week 2018, May 22-24, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Display Week is the world's largest exhibition for electronic information display technology.

Samsung Displays showcases their 5.09" and 5.77" light field displays for advanced AR applications, the first of it's kind to combine AR, 3D and light fields into one portable display. Sound integrated in display through a future AMOLED phone, aqua force sensor, their highest resolution VR display does 4K in a 2.43" 1200ppi display, with 250nits. They have an unbreakable display, a rollable display, a curved conformed display. Transparent HUD displays to eventually integrate into the windows and windshield of a car. Samsung's 4K 31.5" QD Glass and their 8K 65" QD Glass displays are also showcased to highlight their cutting edge Quantum Dot based LCD technology.



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