Audio-Technica’s CKR7 true wireless earphones: Excellent sound, archaic design

11-Feb-2019 10:09 am (78 Views)

In just a few short years, true wireless earphones have gone from sonic moonshot to a rite of passage for virtually every headphone maker, from Apple to Jabra to Skull Candy. Yet, while the initial stutters of true wireless headphones have been markedly improved upon of late, outside of a few gems like Sennheiser’s Momentum, most true wireless buds still fall short when it comes to delivering clear and impactful sound.

Audio Technica’s new ATH-CKR7TW ($250), the pricier of the brand’s first two pairs of true wireless earbuds, are born and bred to deliver such sound, and as you’d expect from AT, they deliver. But it takes more than just sonic prowess to make a pair of true wireless buds worth picking up as your daily drivers. Though it pains us to say it, while the CKR7TW show promise, a few fatal flaws keep us from giving them our seal of approval.



Source: Youtube

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