Top 20 Weirdest Restaurants That Actually Exist In The World

13-Aug-2018 02:48 pm (225 Views)

Be Amazed at these 20 weirdest restaurants in the world! Dinner in the sky - More like a ‘mobile restaurant’ than an eatery in one specific location, Dinner In the Sky has become a very popular dining concept in the last few years. The Greenhouse restaurant, Amsterdam - Nowadays, the story and source of the food we eat is just as important as its taste. Cabbage & Condoms, Thailand - Mechai Viravaidya is an activist for contraception in Thailand, and he's known today as Mr Condom. Cannibalistic sushi in Japan - If you've ever wondered how Hannibal feels when eating a roasted human leg, Cannibalistic Sushi is the place for you. The Naked Restaurant, London - The Naked restaurant in London is exactly as it sounds: dining in your birthday suit. The Chillout Lounge - Now for a restaurant you'd think was built by accident. The Wizard of the Opera - This restaurant gives you the chance to dine in catacombs, in a gothic atmosphere. Onoir - A blind pastor from Zurich used to blindfold his guests whilst dining, so they would enjoy a similar experience to him. Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, Philippines - The Labassin Waterfall restaurant in the Philippines doesn’t need air conditioning or mist sprinklers: they get it for free by being near a waterfall. 

A380 In-Flight Kitchen, Taipei - This restaurant in Taipei manages to satisfy your craving for airline cuisine without turbulence. Cat Café Nekorobi, Tokyo - Dick’s Last Resort, US - Dick’s Last Resort is not a restaurant for sensitive people. Vertigo - One of the finest culinary experiences in Asia, Vertigo is a unique sky bar. Ninja Restaurant, New York - If your favourite Sunday afternoon movie is ‘Beverly Hills Ninja’, your Sunday dinner should be at Ninja Restaurant, in New York. The Shed at Dulwich - One of the weirdest restaurant in the world….is this one - which doesn’t exist. How come? A journalist by the name of Oobah Butler decided to pull a gastronomic prank and ended up having his fake restaurant ranked nr.1 in London, on TripAdvisor. Modern Toilet, Taipei - We all read on the toilet. But In Taipei, you get to eat from a toilet. Ithaa, Maldives - One of the most beautiful restaurants in the world, Ithaa is located fully under the sea and offers spectaculars views to anyone brave enough to book a table. Girls on Counter, Japan - There are rumours of a photo going around with counter girls fully naked below the waist, waiting for customers to order.


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